Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy faces unique competitive challenges in the war for talent.  

This is an industry, more than any other, where the success of an company is linked directly and acutely to it's human capital.  Management Consultancies sell expertise, thought leadership and the ability to engage with their client organisations to help them solve complex problems, unlock potential and remain competitive in a turbulent world.  

Faced with globalisation and challenging economic times successful businesses are increasingly engaging with expert partners to identify their strategies for change, manage that change and enhance the business processes which support their core business.


The best and the brightest individuals, demonstrating academic and intellectual rigor, in combination with expertise either industry focused or functional in nature are in high demand.  

We understand the unique competitive issues at play in this sector, how successful consultancy services are delivered and the skills and expertise required by our clients.  Our deep knowledge of this field and highly developed understanding of the unique but critical soft issues such as 'fit' enable us to consistently deliver high quality candidates to our clients.

We always strive to take the long view, and that is why the candidates we represent tell us that they trust our counsel and know that we have their best interests at the heart of all we do.

The Seal Management Consultancy practice operates throughout the UK and Europe.   We specialise in the recruitment of senior level candidates and have proven capability in one-off, specialist assignments as well as the effective project management of multiple head recruitment projects.  Many long term clients also value our on-going ‘talent spotting’ and industry bench marking expertise.

We  have a track-record spanning nearly two decades of change in the marketplace and the practice has evolved to mirror the core services offered by our clients who offer management consultancy in:

  • Strategy
  • Change management
  • Human resources
  • Organisational design
  • Technology
  • Process Outsourcing